Virtual 10k race

Wherever you choose :)

Saturday, 6/27/2020 from 10:00 to 24:00

Vitezi dobrega Teka Club

Unfortunately, it is already clear that this summer's Night 10k, as you know it, cannot be organized. But that does not mean that we'll not have chance to race. If possible, we will still organize Night 10k in the fall, but if not, we will see you again in 2021. We will definitely inform you as soon as something is clear. We will save and transfer your entries and entry fees. THANK YOU ALL!

NEW PROJECT, NEW RACE, NEW 10k! Virtual Night 10k will be a real race. We will carry it out with you on Night 10k - 6/27/2020. You will be able to race between 10am and 4pm - 12pm. Your effort will be rewarded with a great, personal and unique medal and a bunch of goodies. Only 500 places are available. Are you with US?

You can also join our Virtual 10ka club on Strava, where we will also publish training tips. We have almost 500 runners in its seventh week of quarantine!


Virtual 10ka will be a special competition you are not used to. Therefore, some guidelines and rules make it easier to follow, enjoy, or even reach your personal records.

- anyone capable of running or passing in a piece of at least 10 km can compete,
- determine the course for the race yourself, you can also pre-race it and it should be at least 10,00 km long (preferably circular),
- if you are ill or not feeling well, you can skip the race (we will refund the fee or transfer it to another runner),
- the result that you register for the competition must be completed on Saturday 27.6. between 10am and 12pm (activity must begin no later than 11:59:59 PM),
- the result must be no later than Sunday 28.6. by 12.00 to sign up in the form you will receive by email,
- the results will be published in absolute competition and in age categories,
- Follow your safety precautions, appropriate health and other precautions to avoid endangering yourself or others,
- You can report the result in any application you use (Strava, Garmin, Polar, Fitbit, Nike, Mapmyrun, Endomondo ...) from which you can export the data and send a link to it (or proof),
- in submitting the results, we count on the honesty of each participant.


All participants who sign up and pay the entry fee will be eligible for a gift package consisting of:

- a virtual start number that you can also print,
- a list of entries on the Night 10ka website,
- a personal and unique Virtual Night 10k medal that is sent by post after the competition - please check with us for postal fees and restrictions,
- discounts and benefits of our partners,
- a meeting to participate in the prize draw for the beautiful Night 10k awards and our partners,
- a virtual diploma (whoever wants it),
- posting photos on our FB page and eternal glory :)

The top three in absolute competition (M / F) receive special recognition and entry fees for the live Night 10k, and the category winners receive the entry fee for the Night 10k.


Applications to Virtual 10 are accepted through the application form on the website. We will consider all applications submitted and paid by 6/26/2020 to 8pm. When registering, be sure to include the address so we can send you a medal. An overview of the applications will be visible on the website. You can also order a Night 10ke towel at check-in. Thanks in advance!


The entry fee for Virtual 10ko is 12 €. (for foreign runners)

This time too, we will donate to the Ozara Society a charity donation of € 1 from every paid application.

You can pay for the entry fee by credit card (VISA, Mastercard) at the same time as the application.

Make other payments with UPN / SEPA PAYMENT ORDER to the transaction account: SI56 0313 9100 0318 449, SKB Bank. Purpose code: ADVA. Purpose: Entry Night 10ka. Enter 00 XXXX (your order number) in the reference field. An example of a properly completed UPN / SEPA order can be found here. The payee is: Knights of the Good Run Society, Alpska cesta 17, 4260 Bled. If you are paying for more than one person at a time, enter all the application numbers in the order in the order. Please contact us for payment issues.

Groups that register multiple runners individually may make a group payment for all of the references from the first applicant. They notify us of the payment by email.



A - Up to 20 years born up to 2000 and younger
B - up to 30 years old born until 1990 and younger
C - up to 40 years born between 1980 and 1989
D - up to 50 years born between 1970 and 1979
E - 60 years born between 1960 and 1969
F - up to 70 years born between 1959 and 1950
G - Over 70 years born 1949 and older

Category BAREFOOT at 10km
Participation is a condition of running barefoot from start to finish. Barefoot training is recommended beforehand.

Category NORDIC WALKING at 10km
The condition for participation is to follow the rules of Nordic walking from the start to the finish. You will mark the category when submitting the result. We believe in the fairness of the results submitted.


The results in absolute competition and by category will be announced on Sunday 28.6. on the evening or no later than Monday 29.6.

phone: 041 709 531 (Marko), 041 431 363 (Igor)